GOYA Meeting:April 11-- Our GOYA (7th-12th grade) will have our monthly meeting following Divine Liturgy.

GOYA Retreat - Make Room for Silence

Saturday, April 17, 2021

11am-12:15pm - Parish Hall

Join Steve Christoforou for a discussion about the anxiety and inauthenticity of presenting a curated version of ourselves to the world – “dropping your cool card.” Learn to open ourselves to God in stillness with a guided exercise in silence and prayer. In-person retreat in our Parish Hall. Limited seating available. Please Register Here.


The Assumption GOYA plays an important role in our Parish. We serve meals at our community luncheons, raise funds to donate to worthwhile charities and to support beautification of our Church, and participate in regional GOYA events. We participate in religious and recreational activities, and encourage all youth in grades 7 through 12 to join us.

Advisor: Steve Giannoutsos