Luminary Candles for Holy Friday - The GOYA will be selling luminary bags and candles to be displayed along the path of our procession during the Holy Friday evening Service of Lamentations.  You may dedicate a luminary bag in blessed memory of your parents, grandparents, a family member, friend or loved one who has fallen asleep in the Lord.   Please see a GOYA member or advisor to place your order.  One full name per bag - $10.00. (spouses may be listed together) Make checks payable to ASSUMPTION GOYA. 

The Assumption GOYA plays an important role in our Parish. We serve meals at our community luncheons, raise funds to donate to worthwhile charities and to support beautification of our Church, and participate in regional GOYA events. We participate in religious and recreational activities, and encourage all youth in grades 7 through 12 to join us.

Advisor: Steve Giannoutsos

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