Psalti (Chanter) and Reader Ministry

We are looking for people to learn to chant and read at the various services of our Church – Orthros (matins), Vespers, Paraklisis, etc. Anne Ktorides has done a wonderful job with the choir and learning the various hymns and tones (melodies) of our Church music. She is willing to share this knowledge and help develop Chanters and Readers for our Church. All you need is a willingness to learn and some musical background. For Readers, all that is needed is the willingness to read in a prayerful manner. Please offer your Time and Talents to this very important Ministry. High School and College age students are encouraged to participate.


Our Choir continues to lead the congregation in singing Glory to God during Divine Liturgy. The Choir uses their talents to offer the entire congregation the opportunity to sing with them the hymns and responses during the Church services. You are supposed to sing with the Choir. Use the Liturgy books and teach your children to sing and offer glory to God during the Holy services.

Anne Ktorides, our Choir Director, encourages you to join the Choir. We truly would like to have more voices in the Choir. We want young people from 7th grade and up and anyone who would like to be part of a wonderful group of people serving the Church. You do make a difference, so please offer your time and talents to the Choir.

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