On behalf of our Assumption Church family, Welcome!

If you have never visited a Greek Orthodox Church, we love having visitors! We realize attending a new church can be intimidating. Even though Orthodox Christianity might seem different, you will find a parish full of warm & welcoming people who live & work in the same community as you. The Sunday liturgy is the very heart of our worship and is a great place to start learning more about the Orthodox Christian faith. By participating actively in the life of the Church, our parishioners serve those in need through our many outreach ministries. Our Church family welcomes your unique talents & involvement. In our parish, you will find a family-friendly environment to grow in relationship to God, to neighbor, and to all creation! Here we mutually encourage one another in life & faith and discern ways to use our spiritual gifts & talents for the benefit of everyone around us. There are a variety of fellowship gatherings throughout the year and education programs to enhance spiritual growth. We encourage you to join our community as we gather together in prayer, to celebrate life, and to support one another in our journeys. We are pleased that you have come to Assumption Church and hope that you will soon call this faith community your home.