Catechism School Mission Statement

To cultivate a safe and welcoming environment for our youth by nurturing healthy relationships within the church family. We will teach the youth by building a strong foundation of knowledge, and together, we will experience the Orthodox tradition by following the 4 circles of youth ministry: Liturgia (Worship), Diakonia (Service), Martyria (Witness), and Koinonia (Fellowship), leading our youth to develop, by their own free will, a personal relationship with God and to pursue union with Him.

As we begin the new Ecclesiastical Year let us come to Church and begin offering our Assumption Church Family, especially our Youth, the opportunity to come together in worship and learning.

We have been Blessed with a variety of programs and ministries in our Assumption Church, and we encourage our church families to get involved in the formative, constructive and saving work of our Youth Ministry, especially our Catechism School, and specifically our GOYA-age members (7th-12th grades); JOY (3rd – 6th grades); HOPE (4yr old-2nd grade) and LOVE( birth-4yr old). Also, we encourage participation in our Youth Choir, Acolyte, Readers, Greek Cultural School and Sports programs.

We need to find the ways in which we can all cooperatively "equip the saints" who are in our care with a firm, Christ-grounded foundation and an unconditional, Christ-centered love to guide and help them as they navigate an increasingly challenging world. We need parental input and support in order to offer a quality and meaningful program to our children. You are the spiritual and religious guides God has given to children. We need parents to take an active role as advisors and help with the various events and activities that will bring our youth together.

We encourage our Young Adults who may be in College or beginning their careers to remember that our Church Family prays for your continued progress and success, wishing God's Grace and Blessings in all your endeavors. We look forward to seeing you in Church and are confident that you will continue to dedicate your life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and to our Assumption Church Family.

Our Catechism School exists to teach the Orthodox Christian Faith, Teachings and Traditions to our children. Our children will learn their Orthodox Christian Faith from people who are willing to give their Time and Talent as Sunday School Teachers. WE NEED YOU!!  Please contact Michaele Giannoutsos to volunteer-

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