Catechism School/Greek School Commencement: We will have our Commencement program on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021. We ask all teachers and students to be in Church that Sunday. We will call teachers and students to the Solea for class pictures for our website as we express appreciation to our teachers and recognize our young people who attended Catechism School this year. Also, we will have our Greek School Commencement program.


Dear Assumption Church Family,

We have begun classes for our Catechism School Youth.  We thank our teachers, parents and Catechism School supervisors, Georgia Garay and Christina Donigian for their love and dedication in order to have our Youth return to learning about our Lord, Jesus Christ and for sharing their Faith with one another and for the needed fellowship that we all miss.

Even though we are beginning to put behind us this terrible pandemic, we still need to take precautions.  With that in mind please see the following:

Every student must be registered so that safe preparations are made for the classrooms---see the link   REGISTRATION FORM  ....every child needs to register to attend class.  

Some classrooms will be combined, some teachers have moved around.  This is the season of flexibility, pivoting, compassion, letting go and forgiveness.  Everyone is doing the best that they can.  

SUPPLIES: Grades 4th and below please bring a baggie with crayons, scissors and glue, pencil and eraser.  It can be left in the classroom with their name on it or it can be brought back and forth each Sunday.  Grades 5th and above please bring a pencil, eraser and paper/notebook.  

PROTOCOL: Please have children wear masks.  Remind them they need to keep their distance and follow protocols like they do in school.  If your child is unable to sit and follow the current guidelines please reach out to us and we can discuss options. Following Holy Communion our young people and teachers will proceed to their classes.    

ARRIVAL/DISMISSAL: Children in 1st grade and below, an adult will meet you in the narthex to take your child to their classroom.  We are trying to avoid congregating in small spaces.  At the end of class, the teachers of kids in 1st grade and below will bring the children to the community hall and those in grades 2nd and up will meet you down there independently.  

Following Divine Liturgy, we ask parents to proceed to the Fellowship Hall downstairs to wait for their child/children.  We do not want parents/people crowded in the hallway of our classrooms or office area.  There are tables set up in the Hall. 

Remember, we still need to follow safety guidelines, although, thankfully we see that with the vaccine and herd immunity we will soon be able to have less restrictions. 

Thank you very much for the love and support for your Assumption Church Family and for our Youth.

Our Catechism School exists to teach the Orthodox Christian Faith, Teachings and Traditions to our children. Our children will learn their Orthodox Christian Faith from people who are willing to give their Time and Talent as Sunday School Teachers. WE NEED YOU!!  Please contact Michaele Giannoutsos to volunteer.