Holy Consecration – September 30 and October 1, 2023!

In preparation of our Assumption church Holy Consecration, our church offers a celebratory theme aiming to inspire your intentions and invite everyone to join in as feels most meaningful to you.

“CELEBRATION” - Honoring the PAST:  How far we have come in our 85-year history! We reflect on Assumption’s past, and we recognize the active ministries and amazing chronicle of creating this reality!

Our commemorative events began in late March of 2022 with a collective memorial service and special agape fellowship honoring our church’s founding members who are no longer with us; in April, a special community dinner was offered, where we shared and recorded stories of our parish beginnings and memories; and this past October, we brought together and honored our past Philoptochos presidents with gifts, Love, and a special agape fellowship. Going forward we invite stewardship and creative offerings with historical perspectives, memories and insights – writings, photographic records, videos—as your heart directs!

“RENEWAL” – Preparing in the PRESENT:  As in the ritual itself, we spiritually cleanse ourselves and emerge “Anew.” We fervently glorify God in our daily life, and we gather as brothers and sisters in Christ, getting to know one another better as we follow His command to “Love One Another.”  Ultimately, the purpose of the Consecration is not only the sanctification of the church but also ours.  In this struggle we are certainly guided by Christ. The lamp that is lit by the High Priest on the Altar at the end of the service, symbolizes, according to St. Nikolaos Kavasilas, His own Light.  

Planned Activities include: our Agape fellowship coffee hour, inviting new family participation in this valuable ministry, our weekly opportunity to offer, celebrate, connect with and get to know one another; “Breaking Bread Together,” evening gatherings for worship, homemade bread and light meals to share stories of Faith, Love and the original “good news” – about family and friends – while learning about the Consecration itself, and what it means to us as a parish and personally. Plus additional Worship/Retreat/Gathering Opportunities Stay tuned! We invite you to join in and provide for these activities, again, as your Heart intends.

“DEVOTION” -- Reflecting for the FUTURE:  We look ahead to worshiping and developing our personal and collective relationship with Christ as we plan for the future of our beloved Church community. Our church will soon offer opportunities to pave the way and get a head start for new milestones.

We call upon everyone for support as generously as possible bearing our collective future in mind!