Welcome Home! 

We hope and pray that you continue to feel safe and secure as you worship with us in person.  And we continue to be grateful to our faithful parishioners who find ways to pray the liturgy with us from the safety of their homes.  We continue to monitor and implement the most current guidelines from state authorities, health officials and from the Archdiocese and Church leadership.  If you have a positive experience worshipping with us, please tell your family and friends! And as always, use your discretion and follow the advice of your physician as you navigate the world during these difficult times.

New Mask Guidelines 

Experts warn not to let your guard down because of the quick spreading and contagious COVID-19 Omicron variant and it is highly suggested that all people wear masks. We are urging all of our parishioners, including those who have been vaccinated, to wear masks during services and at coffee fellowship. All those not vaccinated are required to wear a mask. Let’s work together to suppress transmission and save lives.

Those in attendance and those at home may want to access the text of the divine services by visiting Digital Chant Stand at https://www.agesinitiatives.com/dcs/public/dcs/dcs.html.  Just click on the date on the left side of the page and/or download the app and navigate to the appropriate service. For safety, we have removed the service books from the pews and chances are that folks at home may not have a copy of the Divine Liturgy.

Kindly know that we are doing our best to "normalize" what is a challenging and strange time.  Be assured that we are all an essential part of Christ's Body and the Theotokos and saints and ranks of angels and archangels rejoice with us when we invoke His Holy Name whether in the space of His Holy Church or in the sacredness of the "domestic church" of the home.

Join us. Pray with us. You are a vital member of the Body of Christ and of our Assumption Church family.  We love you and we thank you for your support.